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I know she wanted a baby but enough to lose her husband? No worry about STDs - she doesn't know this guy. She sleeps with her husband without protection immediately afterwards. I hate her! Sorry - I can see others love this but it just wasn't my sort of book. View all 11 comments. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for some good old chick-lit and no one does this genre better than Jane Green.

Although the feature characters are often times flighty, superficial, and sometimes annoying there is something that keeps me coming back to revel in their lives. Tempting Fate is that type of novel for me. A story that is instantly engaging, so much so that I was shouting at my Kindle and falling in and out of love with Gabby all in the same breath.

Gabby lives a relatively good life wit Sometimes I'm just in the mood for some good old chick-lit and no one does this genre better than Jane Green.

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Gabby lives a relatively good life with her husband Elliot of 20 years. They have two wonderful daughters, a picture-perfect suburban life, and a marriage that seems impenetrable.

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All is good in her world until a girls' night out opens her up to the world of possibilities that include a gorgeous millionaire 10x's her junior. Before long, a night of innocent flirting turns into a dangerous attraction that threatens to end the perfect world Gabby created with her husband. Jane Green has a way of telling a story that captivates readers and holds them in suspense, waiting for the ball to drop.

There are times when the plot is predictable, and other times where my jaw drops to the floor having not seen it coming. Amid all the circumstances that arise in Tempting Fate , Green still manages to get her point across. Themes pop up in this novel that are hard to ignore such as emotional versus physical affairs. Is one more acceptable than the other kept playing in my mind?

I still don't have the answer. Gabby also battles with the one thing that only goes up and never comes down: Age.

She sees a middle-aged housewife with lines as deep as the potholes in Chicago, and is unable to remain unfazed by the what she thinks is innocent communications with a man she clearly has an attraction to. Another issue that arises is how do we decide who's family. Is family always, or only, defined by blood? True family can overcome any issue, big or small, in an effort to stay together. Jane Green pushes the envelope in demanding readers to ask themselves what's most important and learning how to forgive.

Tempting Fate

I was back and forth with this novel questioning how I would react to some of the jaw-dropping circumstances that happen to this unsuspecting New England couple. While reading this novel I couldn't help but notice the narrators voice was a little odd. There were times when I thought I was reading a fairytale in the way the characters' stories were being relayed.

These instances are most noticeable in the beginning of a chapter when the narrator is trying to seem distant and tells the story almost in a catty, far off voice that borders on cautionary. Once again, Jane Green is my go-to when I'm in need of good chick-lit that isn't completely mindless. Tempting Fate definitely fit the bill for a great, easy read that brings up issues that really matter. I look forward to what's next from this author only because I definitely consider her one of my favorites.

Copy provided by St Martin's Press via Netgalley Mar 17, LauraBeth rated it liked it Shelves: audiobooks.

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This book is a great cautionary tale for married women of all adult ages but particularly for mid-life women. When you're 23 or 33, it's tough to imagine being 43 or 53, so I'm not sure that I would have enjoyed reading this at an earlier stage in my life. Gaby is 43, happily married and the mother of two teenage daughters. Her life seems perfect but she struggles with the doubts and insecurities that seem to crop up in middle age.

Unfortunately, she allows herself to fall for a man who isn't he This book is a great cautionary tale for married women of all adult ages but particularly for mid-life women. Unfortunately, she allows herself to fall for a man who isn't her husband and she has an emotional affair that leads to a one night stand. Reading this book is like going through the fallout with your best friend.

Some of the book can be downright exhausting and emotionally wrenching I had to walk away from it for a while and come back to it. There are times when you see that Gaby is so selfish and self-centered that you want to scream. But maybe that's the point - Gaby is flawed. She isn't a perfect character who makes perfect choices. She's human and makes mistakes. And in the end that made her real to me. What really resonated with me though is the book's underlying theme of grace, forgiveness and redemption.

Sometimes it is in marriage where we must extend continual, everyday grace in addition to forgiveness for huge trespasses. It's easy to walk away when we've been wronged and so much more painful and difficult to work through it. While the story had a predictable ending as far as fiction goes, in real life, the ending to this is usually much messier. I liked how this book chose to show the other side of the typical, real-life ending - what happens when we choose to forgive and how do we move on after causing hurt or being the one impacted by someone's else's mistake? View 1 comment. Apr 19, Cassie rated it did not like it.

Have been a loyal JG reader over the years, this ridiculous fairy tale definitely disappointed. As a "happily married" 43 year-old middle aged woman much like the protagonist, I thought I could relate and was intrigued initially with this read. However, under no scenario could I envision the happy ending afforded the characters except in a world of pure fiction and ridiculousness. Nor could I envision flabby Gabby attracting some young, gorgeous, billionaire in some cougar-bar. Spoiler alert I think JG does her readers a huge disservice to imply that any spouse could or should forgive the kind of indiscretion Gabby commits against her family and that they could all live happily ever after, love child included.

It's insulting to the reader and I couldn't buy one minute of it. Jane: you can do better!! May 03, Margaret rated it did not like it. After eighteen years of marriage and two children, 43 year old Gabby is feeling and looking her age. Yet she scoffs at the efforts of her married friends who dress up in their tight pants, cleavage-showing tops, and strappy shoes. She knows they are just flirting to get an emotional high, but it seems so off-balance.

Still, she takes a little more care with her appearance for her first night out with the girls. As the night progresses and she watches her friends harmlessly flirting, the unthinka After eighteen years of marriage and two children, 43 year old Gabby is feeling and looking her age. As the night progresses and she watches her friends harmlessly flirting, the unthinkable happens--a cute, hot, younger 34 years old man finds her When her friends claim that they did not want to interrupt her conversation with the young Matt.

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Gabby finds herself being taken to Matt's hotel to "call her a taxi" since she is far too tipsy to make her way home. Couldn't Matt call her a taxi from the bar??? Anyway, nothing happens, but boy, it sure could have. Gabby becomes giddy.

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She imagines life with Matt. But, of course, it's only fantasy. Nothing will ever happen not even when Matt makes another trip to New York. It was just a harmless meeting between the two even though she has taken pains to lose weight, buy new sexy clothes, get Botox and a few other treatments; even though she begins lying to her husband about her new glow and the money she haa spent to achieve that glow.

After a third meeting, well, the "it will never happen" becomes "oops, it happened. From there the plot gets really distorted and Gabby's marriage spirals downward. She is outraged that her husband cannot forgive her and that he has found it impossible to continue to live in the same house with her. She is livid that he eventually moves on with his life and toward a divorce proceeding. She is desperate to prove that her husband is and always was the "only one".

The whole character of Gabby turned my stomach. She was selfish and conniving and the idea that she could keep her fling a secret was ludicrous. Her lack of thinking skills. READ: She was stupid. While Gabby was the worst of the characters, there were none in the book that I liked. Her husband was naive. Her best friend was in it only when the times were good.

Matt was a jerk who knew what was at risk for Gabby but didn't care. There was a small thread through the story about Gabby's younger daughter, 11 year old Allana who gets expelled from middle school for bullying that didn't seem to have any real purpose and wasn't really dealt with. It was as though Green just had a random thought about "tweens" and their difficult adjustment from childhood to teen years. All in all, and I am rambling, let me just say that this book was unbelievable, the characters were unlikeable, and the ending View all 6 comments.

I've read quite a lot of Jane Green's novels over the years, and am especially fond of 'Bookends' which was published way back in I haven't read any of her more recent novels, I felt that maybe I'd grown out of stories that featured twenty-something single girls, looking for love.