Sciecne of Calvary Sacrifice - Nine Steps to Truth

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Who Ultimately Controls Your Life? Proverbs Who controls the events of this world? Ever wonder that in an ultimate way? You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Instead, you ought to say, 'If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that. God wants us to consider His will and plans ultimate in our lives. We are not to think that we can plan to do whatever we want and thus think our way is made plain.

We are to say, "Lord, if it is Your will, I will do this - and may it be for Your glory and to adance Your agenda and purposes on earth.

The fact that we have another day to live is a gift from Him - and we should never take that for granted. The truth is that when we take our days for granted - we are guilty of arrogant boasting before God. Men plan their way. That is a simple fact of life. God is not against planning - just against those who think that they determine their lives by their planning alone. Plans can be good things when they are submitted to the Lord.

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They become bad things when they are contrary to what God desires in your life. He still may allow you to plan your way and work your plan. Yet, He will direct your steps. You are not a free agent to do whatever you want or please. Your way will ultimately be directed by Almighty God - and whether you serve Him or not - He will even take your rebellion and clothe Himself in it - to prove to you and everyone else that His purposes are the ones that will stand in the end.

Anyone who thinks otherwise will no longer think that way when they face the ultimate judgment at His throne. History is littered with examples of men who thought they could conquer and change the world. The Pharisees and Saducees thought that they would control things - and planned to kill Him by having the Romans crucify Him.

Even that supposed plan of men was used by our sovereign God to accomplish salvation for His people. No man ultimately controls his steps.

We shall understand God’s compassion just in proportion as we appreciate His sacrifice for us

You are a soul. You have a body.

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Commonly attributed to Mere Christianity , where it is not found. Earliest reference seems to be an unsourced attribution to George MacDonald in an issue of the Quaker periodical The British Friend. Has been cited as being in Mere Christianity , but it is not to be found there. The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only—and that is to support the ultimate career.

Paraphrased from a letter C. Lewis wrote to Mrs. Johnson on March 16, "A housewife's work [is] surely, in reality, the most important work in the world But humanity lost this knowledge, when he broke the law and became slave to matter and its forces directed to death. Through Christs Calvary sacrifice, the consciousness of the Father or God is unfolding from within to support the deteriorating world that is peaking towards disorder and destruction.

The death to the world came, when human, turned his face away from the Creator and became slave to material world by eating the fruit from the forbidden tree [ tree of death] at the center. The only antidote is to eat from the Tree of Life manifested in the center. Life manifest from the Spirit that manifest as Love and is sustained by a mind that upholds Justice and Truth. Judgment is natural product of Living Light emerging It reveals where we stand in relation to life It is inevita ble we fall into one of the two worlds in time And take relativ e positio n in respec t to kings throne.

Therefore Truth or Light of Life can be expected to shine before time ends, such that every one beyond religion will bow to Truth to gain life. Truth Will set you Free It will make you repent and retreat and come alive from the coffins in which you exist You will be given chance to repent and return Home to your Father.

I state once again I am not against organized religion.

Work of the Cross

But the Truth needs to be spoken. A thousand years after Christ , the church was virtually ruling the west amassing wealth infusing fear. The modern science and prophet Mohammed came into being, heralding new religion that reminded of justice and Truth. The science broke the hold of church on humanity An opposition to church and evolutionary force was set into work. Though incomplete science has opened up the world making humanity think and awaken to Truth. A new movement has begun in the last few decades where common people now speak Bible with authority and in their midst miracles occur as it occurred in the days of Christ.

The Church has strived to put them out but they have flourished and is getting acceptance in the established churches. This phenomenon is not restricted to a religion but is happening in all religions.

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  • Every section of the society has both Good and bad people. Unfortunately we are under the rule of the bad- We chose it. These basic characters also exist in all individuals. Time is inevitable and we are in the end of time and the most deteriorated period of time cycle. The evolutionary stress is giving an opportunity for each individual to awaken and come to Life and turn his and the worlds situation around.

    Knowledge is fundamental to life and its sustenance. There are two forms of knowledge - Spiritual [superior] and material [inferior] When Spiritual knowledge deteriorates the material knowledge grows in strength and humanity gets lost in darkness and lives in illusions The East had the Living Knowledge. Knowledge deteriorates when human I and mind manifests detaching him from his consciousness and intelligence [ Spirit] from within.

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    The cause for the present world exist in Spiritual deterioration. Christ is leading us back to our golden past. The present time is stressing us to evolve both Spiritually and scientifically such that Truth can be known beyond religion. Time is stressing humanity to break the barriers of religion and evolve to know the Truth of God as a Science. It is also stressing the temples of science to bring ground breaking changes in its fundamental thinking to discover the living reality of nature.

    Life has potentials leads us to new technologies to sustain the world.


    If we need to survive, we need fundamental and foundational changes in our thinking about life and nature. The temples of science and religions have great responsibility on their shoulders to save humanity from impending disasters.

    Should We Choose Science or the Bible? - Face the Truth

    Have you ever thought of human heart and body. It pumps blood along In addition to this it does multiple functions simultaneously and yet it releases very less heat into the environment. The fuel it uses is few pieces of bread and water. The darkness and illusionary world in which humanity is caught is so deep that in spite of visible signs of destruction coming his way, The Spiritual leaders and the leaders of the world are failing to awaken to some of the simplest realities of life and nature that exist next to his skin.

    Here are few critical points that needs our attention Flow and motion is fundamental to nature. The flow necessitate a non equilibrium in the right and left. This means nonequilibrium should be the foundation of nature at all levels. The building blocks and all the system they go to form should have a ratio relationship between the right and the left [say ]. A quantum flow now occurs from right to left and this reverses the ratio and the direction of the flow The nonequilibrium now leads to spin and displacement motion.

    This now leads to perpetual quantum dancing existence No wonder the pole is shifting! This could only be comprehended by visualizing universal system as living. The Spirit and information flows from the inner world to the outer world and simultaneously Spirit also flows from outer world to inner world this forms the breath of the world that drives its existence.

    The fundamental process of movement of Spirit is 3 step spiral quantum process. The system collapses changing the direction of the flow, when the system reaches third critical point. The pulse originates from the Spirit in the inside space and life is controlled by it. The modern science seems to be ignorant of the energy cycle in which we live and flourish.

    The earth is designed to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the temperature of earth and the life in it. When west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness simultaneously goes into new order and vice-versa thus creating a balance. Two parallel worlds which are opposing functions as one to sustain life on earth.

    Evangelism — Ellen G. White Writings

    It helps life and nature. The only life that works against nature and life is the so called intelligent adult human beings. The day and night and climatic cycle gives way to one another over a period of time to sustain life. In the process they maintain the heat and thus the life. A fundamental error that modern man is doing is the reckless exploitation of material world releasing heat into the environment at the same time intervening into the night cycle of earth and hindering earths functioning to create order.

    We are shrinking time consequently the two opposing forces are peaking and falling violently. This is causing alarming increase in fire and wind bound destruction.