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Tardigrades return from the dead

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This is a big mistake. Junk food may give you instant energy, but it will damage your concentration and memory.

Here's how many days a person can survive without water

Eating healthy food will increase your concentration and retention. Fruits and vegetables are best. Keep breads whole wheat! Simply eating a healthy diet is an easy way to help manage stress and get good grades during your finals. Some people can function well on three hours of sleep, but most people need more.

Even during finals week, do not try to pull all-nighters. If you need your eight hours a night, get them! Plan plenty of sleep time in your schedule. Because sleep will help you study better, even though you will have less study time, the time you do have will be worth more.

Studying non-stop is actually not helpful. After a long period of studying, your concentration will be broken, and the material that you are trying to learn will not be retained well.

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He explains that not all study time is equal. For example, one hour of solid study time is not as useful as three study times of 20 minutes with five minute breaks in between. In either instance, you would study for one hour, but in the second case your concentration and retention levels would be raised by the short breaks. During these short breaks you can exercise, eat, rest, or do some other activity that takes your mind off the study material.

Do not just start studying anywhere.

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Find a quiet, orderly place. Some sources even say you should keep it boiling for as much as 20 minutes. Better safe than sorry.

BBC - Earth - Tardigrades return from the dead

It could be an old steel pot left by some campers, or even a waterproof jacket shaped into a holding vessel. The bow-drill is an incredibly valuable survival skill for creating fire that can be learned in a relatively short period of time, and has the highest likelihood of succeeding. The hardest part of creating a bow-drill is the string. Now that you have shelter, water and possibly even a fire, you have everything you need to survive a few weeks in the wild.

Human beings can go a few weeks without food, so this is one of the least important parts of short-term survival. However… Food does provide you with valuable energy. It helps your body stay warm. Practically speaking… if you were to go a few weeks without food, your energy level would be so low that it would be difficult to function and do your daily survival tasks.

The secret to getting value from survival food is to be efficient and opportunistic. This means you want to focus on foods that are both easy to find and have the highest concentration of energy. Different times of year offer different opportunities. There may be times when you eat like a king.

Would you like to join us? Click here to get a sneak peak at my instincts mentoring program. A fire starter is always a good tool to carry. Thanks for sharing!