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Though Porter frequently gets the credit, etymologist Barry Popik has also claimed that the phrase was used to refer to the state high school basketball tournament in Indiana even earlier, at least as early as That happened in the early s.

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Musburger acknowledged that he got the term from IHSA, so the case ended in a settlement that resulted in the two entities forming the March Madness Athletic Association, which gave the NCAA license to the term with regards to college basketball and let IHSA use it for high school basketball. Nowadays, the madness of March continues — especially when it comes to bracketology — and the tournament set a new record for most-watched tournament in 24 years.

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Waxman at olivia. It then steadily increased from 32 teams in to 64 teams in The most recent expansion came in , when 68 teams were invited to participate. It was especially attractive to teams that wanted the media attention of playing at Madison Square Garden in New York. After that, the NCAA barred any school that declined a bid in its tourney from playing postseason games elsewhere. The following season, however, several of its players were arrested for taking bribes from gamblers to shave points.

This scandal eventually spread to more than 30 players at seven colleges, four of them in New York City.

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College hoops in the Big Apple has never been the same since. Nonetheless, many schools refused to integrate until after Texas Western now UTEP became the first team with an all-black starting lineup to win the tournament in In the title game that year, Texas Western beat Kentucky, an all-white squad whose legendary coach, Adolph Rupp, once reportedly asked journalists if they could put an asterisk next to the names of white high school players so he would know who to recruit.

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Ten of those titles came over a year stretch from to , when stars such as Lew Alcindor who later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton dominated the competition. Kentucky is in second place with eight titles, North Carolina is next with six, followed by Indiana and Duke with five each.

In Notre Dame shooting guard Austin Carr scored a tournament-record 61 points in a first-round win over Ohio.

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He followed that up with 52 points in a loss against Kentucky, good enough for fourth all-time. But all four No.

From the time the tournament expanded to 64 teams in until , No. Most were blown out, but a few came tantalizingly close to victory. In , for example, Princeton lost to the Alonzo Mourning -led Georgetown Hoyas when a last-second shot fell short.